Slow Tourism Lapland Oy

Ahokumpu, Valtatieviisi 699

98780 Maaninkavaara,

Posio, Finland

Night trip to Riisitunturi.

Fantastically snow-covered trees on the top of Riisitunturi make an amazing impression on tourists from all over the world. Viewed at night, in the light of headlamps, they make a magical impression.

During this trip, we will strap on our skis and enter the world of Tykky, that's what the snowy trees are called. We will go where it is not possible without skis. We will be part of nature and its magic. It will be an unforgettable trip. One of the most interesting in our offer.

Duration about 4 hours.

Price 165 euros.

The price includes transport to and from the trip, an experienced guide, skis, poles, snacks prepared on the fire, hot drinks (coffee, tea, glogs).

Maximum group size of 8 people.

Season from December to March.