Slow Tourism Lapland Oy

Ahokumpu, Valtatieviisi 699

98780 Maaninkavaara,

Posio, Finland

Ski Trekking

We invite you to ski trekking in wild nature. We will strap on our skis and immerse ourselves in Nature. We will go where there are no trails or roads. We will go through swamps and wastelands accessible only in winter. We will not meet any people along the way, only wild animals.

In the middle of the trip we will stop for lunch.

Traveling on trekking skis does not require previous ski experience.

Duration about 4 hours.

Price 155 € per person.

Season from December to March.

The price includes:

  • guide

  • rental of trekking skis and poles

  • lunch on the route

  • hot drinks

  • transport from and to the place of accommodation


Maximum group size 6 persons.

Ski trekking we organize in Rovaniemi, Ruka, Posio, Kuusamo, Kemijarvi and Salla