Slow Tourism Lapland Oy

Ahokumpu, Valtatieviisi 699

98780 Maaninkavaara,

Posio, Finland


About us



Slow Tourism Lapland is made up of two people. Daria and Krzysztof Nowakowski. We are travelers, polar explorers and people fascinated by Lapland nature. We have been dog sledding for twenty-five years. We organized expeditions and dog sled trips in Lapland and Poland. We made eleven polar expeditions by dog sledding. Now we live in Lapland and we can admire its breathtaking beauty every day. We are also authors and publishers of travel books and children's literature. We have extensive experience in organizing trips and expeditions to cold regions of the world. We've made our way through the snows of the north hundreds of times by dog sledding, on foot, and on skis. We spent many nights in a tent pitched under the sky illuminated by the Northern Lights. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with our guests. We will be happy to organize your trip in Slow style. No rush or noise. In your own rhythm and with time to admire nature. We invite you.


In our activities, we follow the principles of sustainable tourism.

  • we always take only small groups of 8 people maximum into nature
  • we follow a strict never leave any trash behind guideline.
  • we do not use disposable plastic cups, plates and cutlery
  • we save water, electricity and heating energy.
  • our guides are experienced and knowledgeable
  • we educate our guests about the environment and life in the Arctic
  • our guests always get an introduction on how to behave responsible during our tours
  • we cooperate with local companies such as reindeer farms, husky farms, hotels and restaurants
  • we support local employment