Slow Tourism Lapland Oy

Ahokumpu, Valtatieviisi 699

98780 Maaninkavaara,

Posio, Finland


Lapland Expedition

Duration 7 days, 6 nights.

Season March and April 2023

Absolute contact with Lappish nature. No rush, in silence and in your own rhythm. In the spirit of slow tourism.A real expedition and adventure in the wilderness. Everyone goes skiing alone, hauling food, camping equipment and spare clothes in a pack.Our guide's original route leads through the wilderness, among forests, frozen lakes and streams. During the trip, we have a chance to meet wild animals and the Northern Lights. Above all, however, we will have the opportunity to test ourselves and experience an authentic adventure in Nature.

1 DAY ARRIVAL AND ACCOMMODATION IN AHOKUMPU. There are two ways to get to Ahokumpu, by plane to Kuusamo or by train to Kemijarvi. We provide transfers from and to the airport or train station. We start the adventure with a welcome dinner at our home in Ahokumpu.

DAY 2 GETTING TO KNOW THE EQUIPMENT. This day is to be used for training before the expedition. You will get to know the equipment and learn how to use it. We will also go out into the field to test the newly acquired knowledge in the realities of a snow-covered forest. In the evening we will pack everything we will need on the route of the expedition. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

DAY 3 ENTERING WILD NATURE After breakfast we will start our great adventure. We'll go on a trip. On this day we have to walk about 10 kilometers. We will walk through forests, cross frozen lakes and swamps. We will see the beauty and magic of Lappish nature. In the middle of the distance we will take a break for lunch and rest. Then we'll keep walking until we reach a place we consider good for bivouac. There we will set up tents and hide in warm sleeping bags. If we're lucky, we'll see the Northern Lights. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner.   

DAY 4 EXPEDITIONAL LIFE This day will be a repeat of the previous day. We will again wander through the boundless nature. We will contemplate wonderful views and get to know ourselves and our possibilities. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner.

DAY 5 WE REACH THE DESTINATION On this day we should reach our destination. To Riisitunturi National Park. The park is stunningly beautiful, so we will spend as much time there as possible. There we will also have the last bivouac on the route. We will light a fire and warm ourselves in its warmth. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner.

6 REST OR RESERVE DAY After camping in the park, in the morning we will return to Ahokumpu for a well-deserved rest. We do not plan any activities on this day. We can rest at will. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. This day can also be a reserve day, should something on the route take us longer than planned. This may be due to weather conditions.

DAY 7 COMING HOME. We provide transportation to Kuusamo airport or Kemijarvi train station. Breakfast.

Group size 2-4 people.

You will need normal physical fitness and the ability to be outdoors around the clock, several days in a row. No previous experience in this type of activity is required.

The trip is intended for adults. During it we will stay in arctic conditions, so you should expect low temperatures reaching even -35 degrees.

How to dress for such an adventure?

The best way to ensure comfort during frosty weather is to dress on the onion, i.e. the use of several layers of clothing. If necessary, we can add or remove one layer. Depending on the needs.

These layers consist of:

thermal underwear, fleece sweatshirt and fleece jacket or a down sweater or a wool sweater, skiing jacket and additional down jacket or similar for stops, ski pants, wool socks, 2 pair hat and balaclava, ski gloves, google, spare gloves and socks spare thermal underwear (underpants and shirt)

How to prepare physically? The expedition is not a great burden for the body, but you should be in good shape. To prepare for the trip, it is worth being active in advance. Running, Nordic walking, cycling, swimming. Any physical activity will help us on the expedition and make it more pleasant for us to cover distances during the expedition.

Price 1850 € per person

Price includes:

  • skis for hiking in deep snow, Ski poles

  • warm sleeping bag

  • tourist cooker

  • full board in Ahokumpu and on the route of the expedition

  • transfers from and to the airport/train station 

  • service of our experienced guide organizer 


The price does not include:

  • airplain or train tickets

  • transfers other than in the description of the expedition

  • overnight stays before and after the trip

  • personal clothing

  • travel insurance

  • meals and snacks other than in the description