Kiutaköngäs Nightless Night Trip

The midnight sun is a phenomenon as attractive as the Northern Lights. The fact that the sun does not set at this time is unbelievable. It's as bright at two o'clock in the morning as it is at eight o'clock. The day goes on without a break. In our area, the polar day begins in mid-May and lasts until the end of July. People and animals lose track of time during this period. We sleep very little and are active around the clock. Time ceases to apply and stress us. We can go on the trail at ten o'clock in the morning or at ten o'clock, it doesn't matter. Except that going out into the field at night is magical. Everyone should experience this amazing phenomenon.

Kiutaköngäs is a fascinating place in Oulanka National Park. This is where the calm Oulanka River turns into a raging surf, squeezing its waters through a narrow canyon. Viewed during the polar day, it is even more impressive.


Duration 4-5 hours

Distance 8 km.

The tour is suitable for adults. Available from June to July.

The maximum group size is 8 people.

Price 155 € per person.

The price includes:

  • guidance

  • lunch, coffee prepared on a bonfire

  • transport to and from the trip

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