Slow Tourism Lapland Oy

Ahokumpu, Valtatieviisi 699

98780 Maaninkavaara,

Posio, Finland

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Sustainable Tourism

Finland has the cleanest air in the world and amazing nature all year-round. We must take care of them in every action we take. We must put the welfare of nature first.

How do we do it in practice?

  • Our groups are limited to 8 people in order to not disturb the nature.
  • We follow a strict never leave any trash behind guideline. Most of our equipment is chosento last long to reduce the amount of waste.
  • We do not use disposable cups, plates and cutlery
  • We save water, electricity and heating energy.
  • We educate our guests about the environment and about life in the Arctic.
  • During our trips, we always discuss all aspects of nature. With particular emphasis on climate change.
  • Our guests always receive an introduction to the topic of responsible behavior on the tour route.
  • We cooperate with local entrepreneurs, such as rafting organizers, husky and reindeer breeders, and those offering accommodation and meals.
  • Our guides are people who live in Lapland and have great knowledge about it and life in harsh conditions.